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Музыка: ABBA - Discography // АББА - Дискография

Исполнитель: ABBA

Жанр: Pop; Disco; Soft-Rock; New Wave

   Список треков:
Ring Ring 1973
01_Ring Ring
02_Another Town Another Train
04_People Need Love
05_I Saw It In The Mirror
06_Nina Pretty Ballerina
07_Love Isn't Easy But It Sure Is Hard Enough
08_Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
09_He Is Your Brother
10_She Is My Kind Of Girl
11_I Am Just A Girl
12_Rock-N-Roll Band

Waterloo 1974
02_Sitting In The Palmtree
03_King Kong Song
04_Hasta Manana
05_My Mama Said
06_Dance While The Music Still Goes On
07_Honey Honey
08_What About Livingstone
09_Watch Out
10_Gonna Sing My Lovesong
11_Suzy Hang Around

Abba 1975
01_Mamma Mia
02_Hey Hey Helen
03_Tropical Loveland
05_Man In The Middle
06_Bang A Boomerang
07_I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do
08_Rock Me
09_Intermezzo N1
10_I've Been Waiting For You
11_So Long
12_Crazy World

Arrival 1976
01_When I Kissed The Teacher
02_Dancing Queen
03_My Love My Life
04_Dum Dum Diddle
05_Knowing Me Knowing You
06_Money Money Money
07_That's Me
08_Why Did It Have To Be Me

The Album 1977
02_Take A Chance On Me
03_One Man One Woman
04_The Name Of The Game
05_Move On
06_Hole In Your Soul
07_Thank You For The Music
08_I Wonder Departure
09_I m A Marionette

Voulez Vous 1979
01_As Good As New
02_Voulez vous
03_I Have A Dream
04_Angel Eyes
05_The King Has Lost His Crown
06_Does Your Mother Know
07_If It Wasn't For The Nights
09_Lovers Live A Little Longer
10_Kisses Of Fire
11_Summer Night City

Super Trouper 1980
01_Super Trouper
02_The Winner Takes It All
03_On And On And On
04_Andante Andante
05_Me And I
06_Happy New Year
07_Our Last Summer
08_The Piper
09_Lay All Your Love On Me
10_The Way Old Friends Do
11_Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight
13_Put On Your White Sombrero

The Visitors 1981
01_The Visitors
02_Head Over Heels
03_When All Is Said And Done
05_I Let The Music Speak
06_One Of Us
07_Two For The Price Of One
08_Slipping Through My Fingers
09_Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
10_Should I Laugh Or Cry
11_The Day Before You Came
12_Under Attack
13_You Owe Me One
14_I Am The City

Rarities 2001
01_Hey Musikant German Hej Gamle Man 1973
02_Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht Another Town
03_National Advertisement 1976
04_I Am An A 1977
05_Sang Till Gorel Gorels Birthday 1979
06_Hovas Vittne Stigs Birthday 1981
07_Sang Till Gudrun Birthday Song for Stikkans Wife 1989
08_Tiveds Hambo Instrumental of Stigs first hit 1981
09_Just Like That Full Sax Version 1983
10_Just Like That Full Version 1983
11_Polar Xmas Megamix 1983
12_Tiveds Hambo live 1986

The name of the game 2003
02_Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
03_Rock me
04_Love isn't casy
05_Gonna sing you my lovesong
07_When I kissed the teacher
08_The name of the game
09_Hole in your soul
10_Why did it hove to be me
11_On and on and on
12_Loy all your love
13_The visitors
14_Kisses of fire
15_When all is soid and done
16_Ring ring
18_I do, I do, I do

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Качество:192 kbps; 44 KHZ; Stereo

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ABBA - Discography // АББА - Дискография
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