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They are not ‘men’ to begin with – even though outward appearance and societal expectations suggest otherwise. The issue came to light earlier this year in Louis Theroux's excellent documentary on transgender children in the US.Investigating the idea that some people are simply born in the wrong body, Theroux spoke to a number of children who ardently believed that they were of the opposite gender to the set of genitals they had been born with.Misogyny inherently lies at the heart of this: the unwarranted devaluation of women and the feminine, and the concurrent, unwarranted elevation of men and the masculine.

If you are a straight man, the chances are that you answered that question in the negative.

Transgender people tend to elicit reactions of discomfort, naivety, fear, and, at the most extreme end of the spectrum, outright transphobic among the heterosexual male crowd.

And how would they react if a friend or family member decided to transition?

To answer those questions, first we need to look at how traditional Western culture has established very specific and strict parameters for being a ‘man’ and being a ‘woman.’ Masculinity, as our culture defines it, is highly valued; as a man you are expected to cultivate, maintain and celebrate it.

The existence of transgender women pose a threat to this concept of masculinity.