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To keep the bacterial level at a minimum, chlorine is automatically pumped into the pools, which means that if only a few uses the showers more chlorine will be pumped into the pools. If you feel bullied or discover someone being bullied, please contact your coach so we can do something about it as fast as possible.

Therefore: For your own sake and for the sake of others, Use the showers. It is important that everyone, including the parents who might pass through the locker rooms is paying attention to this problem.

To get this you need to contact the clubs office ([email protected]) and specify which bank account you want to receive your refund on.

Be aware this doesn’t happen automatically, you NEED to contact the office.

Han gjorde det, en rigtig mand burde gøre: Han var interesseret og modig, og han var en gentleman der stoppede da han blev bedt om det.


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    Auf Shop a Man können Frauen Männer in den Warenkorb legen und losflirten. Dementsprechend viel wird in diesem Kontaktanzeigen-Portal auch geflirtet.

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    CHIEF ONE - JAKOB "KONGEMANDEN" LUNDLILLE LARS - JOAKIM HEDIGER_______________________________________________STANDARD BILLETTER KUN 395,- kr ____________________________________________FIRST CLASS VIP DECK BILLET (max 400 billetter til salg)SMAG MUSIKKEN PÅ ABSOLUT 1.

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