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If the weapon withstands the test, it is certified for sale.

Eleven master gunsmiths manufacture around 200 rifles each year.

Once complete, the weapon is submitted to the”Beschussamt” (quality control office), where it is loaded with cartridges which produce greater force than usual.

They can be recognised by their approval mark, which is impressed on the lock, stock and barrel once the master supervisor has certified their excellence.

This quality control practiced since 1631 is the foundation stone of the town’s enduring success.

Every hunting rifle manufactured in Ferlach is unique, tailor-made to the specifications of the client.

They select the calibre, lock mechanism or barrel combinations, determine the ornamental engraving for the metal plates on the stock, and choose the solid wood. It is fascinating to witness the combination of many highly specialised crafts, which only survive through the art of gunsmithing.