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So Eisenstadt was an important destination for me on my Grand Tour – a day trip from Vienna...

/ more Schloss Esterházy The Esterházy palace is large and very yellow.

His isolation from other composers and the musical trends of the time "forced him to become original", he said.

He moved to live in Vienna in 1795, following the death of his patron Prince Nikolaus Esterházy in 1790 and his highly successful visits to London.

A 3-minute wait and change of direction at Ebenfurth, then a change of train at the splendidly-named Wulkaprodersdorf station – with its low, narrow platforms and people wandering over the track – into an elderly single-coach train for the 8-minute journey to Eisenstadt across flat-ish, slightly rolling countryside; a few vines, orchards, corn.