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There could be a cool jazz club, a great restaurant, a tiny piazza where you can get a Negroni for four euro, or maybe a multi-national drug deal going down. (Note: If you see a shady alley with vibrant blue light that in Manhattan’s Lower East Side would indicate a hip, rakish bar?

A class of nerve cell has different effects on social and anxiety-related behaviours in male and female mice in response to a hormone involved in social interaction.

Many social and emotional disorders seem to disproportionately affect a particular gender — anxiety disorders, for example, are more common in women.

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Let's say you had a friend from Denmark coming to visit the United States, first time ever, who asked you where she ought to go. Hell, a visitor could live the best version of America during 72 hours in Oakland... A visit to any of these towns -- as explained by people who have lived in or visited them -- will set you apart from your fellow wandering Americans.

To investigate this, Nathaniel Heintz and his colleagues at the Rockefeller University in New York City activated neurons that are sensitive to the hormone oxytocin in the medial prefrontal cortex of the mouse brain.

This did not affect males' sociality, but did reduce anxiety-related behaviours.

In females, however, it made the animals more social without lowering anxiety-related behaviours.

The female mice also had more of a key stress hormone in the brain, which probably blocked the anti-anxiety effects of oxytocin that were seen in males.