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Such are the visitors from the places we are told we cannot see: monsters of opacity.

Minutes before we attempted to dial since I was sitting in my underwear on my hotel bed (paid for by the Bielefeld Kunstverein), watching a National Geographic survival show called Naked and Afraid and imagining genitals bouncing up and down under the TV censor’s blurred ball of ghost matter.

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If you declare that something does not exist, in some way it does exist by virtue of being named.

Similarly, the notion of transparency begs the question: What is being hidden from me? It is a wire-tapped plane of inquiry, always gate-crashed by a missing third party.

Was the nude ex-Marine going to be able to make a shelter in the Costa Rican wetlands?

I wondered how big his penis was because I couldn’t see it.

The machine was affixed with curvilinear plastic shards that costumed it as an undiscovered species.