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I guess that was really my own kind of ‘breakaway.’” Though her childhood was fairly sheltered, SAARA credits her father for instilling a love of music between her and her siblings, all of whom learned to play instruments at an early age.

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I was about 12 years old when I secretly started to listen to Kelly Clarkson in my basement.

My dad didn’t know about it, but I’d be down there listening to Breakaway and totally having a moment.

That’s when I started to become curious about pop culture and pop music.

And while it was her voice and love of performing that started to turn heads back home, it was SAARA’s sense of humor—specifically her uncanny knack for languages—that ultimately drew her sudden and surprising international attention.

Posting on her own You Tube channel under the cheeky moniker of Smokahontas, SAARA’s first video, 2014’s “What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners”—in which she mimics over a dozen different languages while speaking what is essentially gibberish.


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