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During the Middle Ages, Jewish culture and intellectual life thrived, as can be seen in the Hebrew manuscripts dating from that time. There was a pogrom against the Jews, who were accused of causing the plague by poisoning the public wells.

The 1349 outbreak of plague killed close to a third of Europe’s entire population and the people at the time had no explanation for it.

I’m living in Germany for a year, doing an internship and experiencing first-hand the culture and the history which I had previously only studied.

From the 13th century onwards, Jews started to become more prominent in Erfurt, especially in the banking industry.

The Jewish quarter was next to the city centre, which was unusual for this time; Jews were allowed to live next to Christian merchants, and the Old Synagogue was built in a central location in the city.

From 1354, Jews began to settle in Erfurt again, and in 1355 the Erfurt City Council began work on a new synagogue. In the 15th century, however, there was a further wave of antisemitism.

The City Council retracted its protection of the Jews of Erfurt and there were various attacks.

As a student of German, I have always been interested in the history of the Jews in Germany, particularly under Nazism.