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After I will have got this information from you I will make up a research offer with estimated costs which we can discuss, of course.

When we have agreed on a research project to be started you only have to pay after you will have got the research report with the results.

- Catharina Margrete WILLE, born September 25, 1795 Achternholt (parish of Wardenburg) as daughter of Meinert WILLE and his wife Anne Maria nee NEUMANN. The Ganderkesee parish registers are available at the State Archive in Oldenburg and start in 1637.

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But Oldenburg often is rather liberal and provides parish registers up to about 1900.

At present I do not know your precise research objectives.

Moin, I'm looking for connections to the recent listed people. First of all, I apologize for answering you more than three months later.

In my charts I have the following ones: - Hermann Diedrich WILLE, called SPECKMANN, born May 10, 1797 (illegitimate) near Wardenburg, Germany, died March 27, 1850; his father could have been Hermann Diedrich SPECKMANN, the mother was Anne Margrete WILLE. Your email was contained in a completely wrong email folder and I only recognized this today by accident. In case you are still interested in my services: Gruppenbühren belongs to the parish of Ganderkesee.

That is, would you, for instance, like to have only a few entries of perhaps one or two generations back in time, are you only interested in the paternal line or would you like to have extensive genealogical research including every relevant entry to be found (siblings of direct ancestors etc)?