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Do you remember how high Nintendo's shares became with Pokemon Go until Nintendo said "most of the money it's making is not going to us"?Why would you buy thousands or millions of dollars in shares if you don't analize every aspect of that decision?Stop hate, let others live the life they were given.

Investors are always nervious and tend to jump the gun.

If switch i capable of playing Android or IOS games, maybe the controller parts could be used on a regular smartphone too.

Nintendo could go full mobile this way by releasing all their games for regular smartphones which would make investors and gamers more than happy.

If this is the case, the device holds no future, and if they plan to go the direction of apple/android, then I see Nintendo being in a very, very bad situation in the next 5 years.

All I can continue to say, is, for the sake of Nintendo, and serious gamers I hope they offer a connected version of the Switch.