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Born June 25, 1881, Erfurt, Germany, where his father was a gardener. Attends the Arts and Craft School in Erfurt for 4 years.

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this paint has a lable from FRANZ LEUWER bremen, please help me about this price. This paint has a lable from FRANZ LEUWER Bremen, please help me about this price. E-Mail Dear Sir, I have had an etching by Paul Geissler for many years, inherited from my late father, but never paid any attention to the signature, and indeed, for the last 20 years it has been stored away. The set pictures an older man with a white mustache smoking a pipe and looking down at a pile of vegetables...+ and an old woman.

He moved and traveled, but in 1943 was appointed prof. If unsigned or "estate signed" it is generally not very valuable. If hand colored, then that also increases the dollar value. Dealer here in the US seem to vary widely in pricing his hand colored, signed work and I have tracked prices between $165. The art has the following information posted on the back, can you tell me what they may be worth? Can you tell me if these are authentic and what their value is.

Many universities offered him a post but he chose to stay independent. Professor Paul Geissler Blumanpaar, Blumenfrauen Original Radierung Thank you for any information you can give. Melinda Alekna Rockford, Illinois I recently bought 2 hand colored pics old man and old woman with vegetables. Thank you in advance D S Wimberley, TX E-Mail I would like to sell a Paul Geissler original print.

Receives commissions for paintings from the German Empress and a Russian grand-duke. On the board of Association for Original Etchings, in Munich. Travels to USA, 1928, returns via Sicily and Italian mainland.

Gives up painting and specializes on etchings, the art he likes best. Travels through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France. In USA, executes beautiful etchings of Independence Hall and the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia as well as scenes of Yale and Princeton. Several universities offer him a post, but he remains independent.