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There is no other better place in the world where one can buy Lego bricks than at the Legoland theme park in Billund.

Today Denmark is a society that is often seen as a benchmark of civilization; with progressive social policies, a commitment to free speech so strong it put the country at odds with much of the world during the 2006 cartoon crisis, a liberal social-welfare system and, according to The Economist, one the most commercially competitive.

The coastal scenery can be quite varied, and it includes the white cliffs of Møn, forested and deserted dune areas such as those near Skagen (including Råbjerg Mile and Rubjerg Knude), the cliffs of the Stevns peninsula and those of Bulbjerg and the Fur island.

In Denmark, decidedly rocky scenery can only be found on Bornholm and nearby Ertholmene.

Top it off with a rich, well-preserved cultural heritage, and the Danes legendary sense of design and architecture, and you have one intriguing holiday destination.

Denmark is home to the lowest 'highest point' in Europe; but what that exactly entails is somewhat uncertain.

Ejer Baunehøj, in the Lake District region south-west of Aarhus, seems to be the highest natural point (171m with a large tower built on top to commemorate the fact), although Yding Skovhøj, some 3km away stands 2m higher owing to an ancient burial mound.


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