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The old ornate Baroque garden has been transformed into a new open landscape, inviting museum visitors and passers-by to meet up and enjoy an art break.

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Og ved man egentlig, om personen p de flotte profilbilleder ogs er den, man skriver sammen med?

De problemer vil den 20-rige ivrkstter Daniel Deloya lse med sin nye dating-app Teazr, som netop er landet i App Store.

Nordhavn is Scandinavia’s largest and most ambitious urban development project to date, providing space for 40,000 residents and 40,000 jobs.

The National Gallery of Denmark has acquired a new garden.

DEVELOPING FUTURE CITIES AND LANDSCAPES Listen to Danish and international experts discuss their visions for sustainable urban development and find inspiration from cites throughout the world through case studies, interviews, seminars and professional master classes.