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Local councils in the country have spent a combined £4m sending youth criminals and drug abusers on sailing voyages in the Caribbean, according to figures unearthed by Denmark’s Metro Express newspaper.

“I climbed volcanoes twice, went jet-skiing many times, and made excursions into the jungle, although I didn’t manage to completely finish my diving certificate,” Christian, the boy who robbed the convenience store, who is now 22, told the newspaper.

"If you're told a story that young guys and girls are being sent out on a holiday on a yacht, I can totally understand that doesn’t sound OK," he said. It’s definitely not a holiday, there’s a very strict programme there." He said that the youth, most of whom had dropped out of school, were given tutoring to help them make up the gaps in their knowledge, and worked from 7.30am to 7.30pm at night.

Local social services would actually save money over the long term, he argued, by making a strong intervention in the lives of these youth before they became entrenched in crime.

“Yes, there have been problems with joints,” he said.