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I used next-generation sequencing approaches to study the gut bacterial community and began using a hybridization capture approach to generate partial and full genomes of the pathogen responsible for yaws, . Briese and Lipkin of Columbia University recently developed a vertebrate virus bait set that represent a major break through in these capture methods, allowing entire viral communities to be detected and sequenced simultaneously.

It further combines a production-oriented analysis, focusing on moments when predominant production practices and media ecologies of the U. film industry have changed, with an inquiry into reception, audience engagement, and the ways in which Hollywood remaking becomes productive in the dis­courses and paratexts that surround it. How do they dependent on context, language, and/or genre? The relevance of this research proposal is threefold: is innovative (no study has been dedicated to the analysis of conceptual metaphors in Hittite), interdisciplinary (it involves Hittitology and cognitive linguistics), and accurate in the methodology (a specific working method has been developed).

This method provides a wealth of structural information, such as (average) interatomic bond orientations, which I intend to probe via residual dipolar couplings (RDCs).

Loock " In Hittite diplomatic and historiographic texts some concepts are expressed metaphorically, in particular concept regarding phases of political life, the relations among the lands and their kings, the idea of inland and overseas, the characteristics of the Hittite king, political, military, and personal events. The planned project will focus on the marine production of nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas and an important ozone- destroying agent.

The metaphorical expressions are based on verb or expressions of motion; involving body parts; recall the comparison between a person and an animal; describe the concepts of life and death; concern the lexicon of the family and relatives. The general focus of the project is the regulation of N2O production pathways in the OMZs off the coast of Peru.

These metaphors are not to be considered figures of speech but as expressions of a system of thinking, i.e. In the project I will use molecular techniques to analyze the bacterial and archaeal community responsible for N2O production and combine this with rate measurements using isotope tracers.

Factors impacting within- and between-species transmission of parasites in wildlife remain poorly understood.


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